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Do you have limitations on your life because you didn't graduate from high school? My name is Amy, and I was a high school drop-out. I was afraid to take steps toward my GED because I thought it would be too hard. It turns out that I shouldn't have waited. It wasn't difficult at all, and now I am ready to continue my education and get a great job that will support me and my kids. You can do this, too. I'll take you through the process, give examples of the kind of thing you'll need to know and offer tips on how to do it right.

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Practical Nurse Programs: Three Ways To Earn This Degree

Practical nursing, or licensed practical nursing as it is commonly called, is a step up from nursing assistant and a step down from registered nurse. If you are considering practical nursing as a career, there are three ways to accomplish this. It just depends on how you want to approach your practical nurse program and how quickly you want to exit with your license.

Register for RN Program, Quit at LPN

You can enroll in a public 4-year program for registered nursing, then quit when you complete everything you need for LPN. Some people opt to do this because it gives them a chance to return to the same college later to finish their diploma for RN. They may also choose to to do this because finances are tight and families need people working for support. In some areas, it may also be the only way to get financial aid to complete the LPN when other LPN programs are a few credits shy of the requirements for financial aid.

Take an LPN Program Through a Vocational/Technical College

Adults returning to college or just going to college for the first time may find it very difficult to balance home, work, family and school if school classes are during the day. For this reason, many vocational and technical colleges offer an accelerated LPN program that includes evening and weekend classes. Rather than go to a four-year college for one to two years to get an LPN degree, you can complete it in under a year at a vocational/technical school.

Enroll in a Nursing College and Earn Money While Earning a Degree

There are several nursing colleges across the country that only teach and train nursing staff. That is all they do. Some of them even offer paid internships that count towards your nursing degree, so you can be earning both a paycheck and a degree while you complete the course.

Many families that only have one working adult in the home find that this particular option towards a practical nursing degree an invaluable choice. They do not have to worry about paying the bills or becoming homeless while they train. Additionally, high school students who are on track to graduate high school can also enroll in these programs. That helps them earn money to help their families and gives them a meaningful and financially stabilizing career the minute they are finished with high school. For more information, contact a business such as PiBerry Institute.