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Do you have limitations on your life because you didn't graduate from high school? My name is Amy, and I was a high school drop-out. I was afraid to take steps toward my GED because I thought it would be too hard. It turns out that I shouldn't have waited. It wasn't difficult at all, and now I am ready to continue my education and get a great job that will support me and my kids. You can do this, too. I'll take you through the process, give examples of the kind of thing you'll need to know and offer tips on how to do it right.

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Get Hands On: Why Choose Massage Therapy Schools?

Whether you're just about to graduate from high school or you're considering a career change, massage therapy schools provide future students with a path to success. If "massage therapist" is at the top of your potential new career choice list, take a look at the benefits of this educational program. Knowing what to expect from a training program and where the field can take you may make the difference between making an easy educational pick and struggling to make a selection.

Less Time in School

A bachelor's degree may land you a job after graduation. But it can take four years or more to complete. A massage therapy certificate or diploma typically requires a significantly shorter training period. Depending on your state's licensing rules and the school you attend, massage training can take anywhere from months to two years.

The reduced training period, in comparison to a four-year degree, means that you'll be work-ready in far less time. This gets you out of the classroom and into a money-making job without having to spend nearly half a decade dedicated to your studies/training.

Job Growth

Even though choosing a school or training program is a step in the right direction, your pick needs to lead to a real job. Massage therapy is a booming field with a much faster than average projected job outlook, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS stats show that the estimated employment change (in the decade between 2016 and 2026) includes the addition of 42,100 new jobs.

Employers will need qualified therapists to fill the tens of thousands of new jobs. And that means that they'll look for professionals who have the right training and experience to help their clients. This is exactly what a massage therapy school provides to their students.

Doing Good

Along with completing school in a relatively short period and scoring a job, massage therapy is a field that lets you 'do good' for others. As a therapist, you'll have the opportunity to help people who are suffering from chronic pain, other medical conditions or high-stress levels. This gives you the chance to help heal others and improve their lives.

Livable Wage

While doing good for others is a serious perk, you also need to take care of yourself and your family. This requires a job that wages a decent, livable wage. In 2017 the median annual salary for a massage therapist was $39,990 per year, according to the BLS.

Is massage therapy school for you? If you're looking for a career that comes with a quick start, pays well and lets you help others, massage therapy may be the perfect match for your professional needs. For more information, contact a school like Bear Heart School of Massage.